I’m back! Talking about going to Korea again and my boys with luv, BTS.

Hi everyone. I haven’t posted for quite a while. I was so busy with life. Lol! A good news… I already have a job and I started last January. Praise God for the blessing. 🙂

Well, since I already have a job, there goes my motivation again to save up for my next travel. And that is to Korea again! Lol. :)) I feel like I still have a lot of places to visit in Korea and my previous 1-week travel was really not enough to see the beauty of Korea. The next travel that we are planning– including my sister again, will be a 10-day-long travel. I’m so excited and BTW, my sister already enrolled to a Hangeul Class and she will be starting her class next week. I, too enrolled to a Hangeul Class last year and was able to learn the basics of Hangeul. However, I am still not that good and is still in the beginner level. Haha. I need to memorize all the vocabs before I can actually understand a whole sentence and be able to speak the language. But I’m too lazy to memorize and I’ve been stagnant and hasn’t learning anything new. So yeah, I’m still a noob in Korean Language. 😦

Anyways, I am sooo excited for my next Korean travel.. but it’s not too soon. 😦 We initially planned to go to Korea again this coming fall, around October but unfortunately, we cannot make it due to time constraint. And we haven’t actually save money yet for this travel so we moved it to next year. But fall next year is super far from today and I am quite impatient to wait for it. So I am thinking to go next year on Spring Season. Probably around first week of April. Though we already experienced Spring in Korea, it is still okay for me to visit again ‘coz Spring is the best season for me. There is so much to see during Spring especially Flower Festivals, which I love! And the weather is also good during Spring. Sunny but chilly. I love everything about Spring. It’s a happy season. 🙂

I also want to insert mentioning my babies, BTS.. hehe. I love Boy with Luv and the whole album, Map of the Soul: Persona as well. I wish I could already see them in person. I hope they know that I love them and I will support them forever, yeongwonhi. 🙂

Thanks for reading and see you again on my next blog. Annyeong!

P.S. Sorry I haven’t finished blogging my whole Korea trip. I was only able to blog the 1st Day. If you wanna know something about my trip, you can email me or comment down below. Thanks!


So I just quit work and I’ve been jobless for 15 days now. I’ve already applied to some companies but I haven’t heard from them yet.

Everyday I wake up, I always think about my life, what do I really want to do? What God wants for me?

I’m 27 and soon be settling down. But I haven’t save yet for my future. I am seriously thinking of enrolling to a Korean Learning School and study Hangul so i could work in Korea. At this time, that is the only way I could earn more money to save for my future. Working here in the Philippines would not give me enough money. I am after a short term work but with high income. I was thinking maybe working for 2-3 years in Korea would help me buy a house and lot and a car as well and probably some money to start my own small business here in the PH.

Because I’m jobless at this time, I had the opportunity to think a lot about my life, my plans, what would I be in 2-3 years span?

I’m praying that God would give me wisdom and lead me to what He wants for me. Lord, I need your guidance and blessing more than ever.



Soooo, we finally went to Seoul this Spring and it was so amazing. It’s so surreal that I was there. 😊 Let me share you my itinerary for the whole week of my Seoul Trip.

To start, we arrived at Incheon International Airport at around 10:25pm.


BTW, if you have read my previous blog, I am with my younger sister on this trip. We booked our round-trip plane ticket at Cebu Pacific. We arrived at IIA 15 minutes earlier than our ETA.



The guesthouse that we booked is Bounce Guesthouse at Hongdae near Exit 2. We booked through Booking.com. Since the check in time in the guesthouse is at 3:00pm the next day, we decided to stay at the airport instead and wait for the morning before we head to Bounce Guesthouse.

The first thing that we did when we arrived at IIA is buy a T-Money card and load it as well.

T-Money Card

You can easily buy it at the convenience store inside the airport. We bought ours at CU store. We decided not to rent a pocket wifi (egg) at the airport since we assume there are lots of free wifi zone anywhere in Seoul.

We also exchange our dollars to Korean Won. Then after that we bought dinner at KFC. We had a very bad experience with KFC inside IIA because the cashier cannot understand even a bit of English and she’s talking to us in Korean. WTH?! I tried to recall all the hangul vocab that I learned through years of watching K-dramas but no, I can’t really understand her. She did not even try to do hand gestures to help me understand. She’s just repeating what she’s saying and as she kept on repeating it, she’s showing to her face that she’s pissed ‘coz I cannot understand her. My gosh, the struggle is real. My sister helped me to “guess” what she’s saying only to find out that she’s just asking if the food is for dine in or take out? The hell!! I’m so mad. She has a very poor customer service. To add to that, I wasn’t even satisfied with what I ordered. Their meal doesn’t even have rice. We are super hungry and we want rice but KFC in IIA do not have rice on their menu. So sad. ☹  All other stores in IIA that we went to have staffs that can speak English so I wonder why there’s none in KFC? Also, their signage inside the store are all written in Korean. 헐..

After that, we slept at the bench of the airport. LOL. There are also other people who sleep there so we just did the same. But it was hard to sleep coz it’s not comfortable so I ended up watching YouTube videos until morning. We decided to have a quick breakfast by eating our packed food (cookies) and bought banana milk. We headed to the KTX subway at around 8:30am.

We arrived at Hongik University Station after 40 minutes, it was a very comfortable subway experience btw. There’s not much people yet so it’s not crowded. When we arrived at Hongik Univ Station, we headed to Exit 2 as what was noted on the sketch of Bounce Guesthouse. Unfortunately, when we got out of the subway, it was raining outside and we don’t have umbrella plus we have big luggage with us. It was such a hassle! >,<

We waited for the rain to subside before we started walking to look for our guesthouse. We were walking on the streets while it still drizzles and it was so chilly!!! I was just wearing t-shirt and denim jacket plus pants and boots. It’s not enough to make me warm.

After 30 minutes of walking and asking for direction, we finally locate our guesthouse. It was on the end of the street. We arrived at the guesthouse at 10am and asked the owner if we can just leave our luggage since the check in time is at 3pm. But she told us that our room is ready and we can check in already. We were so relieved. 😊 We just took a hot bath and rest for an hour before we decided to go out and start the Day 1 of our Itinerary.

Our Itinerary for 1 week Seoul Tour

We enjoyed walking around the streets of Hongdae on our way to Trick Eye Museum.. 🙂



We asked for the direction going to Trick Eye at Hongdae Tourist Information.


We booked an admission ticket to Trick Eye Museum through Klook. It was just around Hongdae and when we googled it, it was just around the area near Hongdae Shopping Street. So we went there. We easily saw the Hongdae Shopping Street but we cannot find the Trick Eye Museum! We walked and walked for 2 hours following our map but we cannot find it. We were traumatized about asking for directions with just strangers on the streets because they are refusing us. Maybe because they can’t speak English. When we are trying to approach a person, they ignore us and pretend they did not see or hear us. Lol. I can sense that they do not want to be asked coz they cannot understand English. It was so hard. But we finally got the courage to ask the 2 good-looking oppas who are selling phone cases.  One of the boys can understand us and he helped me locate the museum. It seemed that Trick Eye Museum really tricked our eyes! The building that we are searching for for about 2 hours is just on the next street where we are. Ahhhhh! It was super tiring and frustrating but we maintained our cool. I thanked the oppa for helping us and went immediately to the museum.

Finally!!!! My sister and I are joking at each other “Napaglaruan ata tayo ng Tikbalang/Na-engkanto tayo, baliktarin mo yung suot mo!” Hahahahahaha. It was so funny that we are walking passed on that street several times but we did not saw the sign that it was the museum. >.<

Oh well, enough of the drama… here are some of my funny pictures inside Trick Eye Museum. 🙂


Trick Eye Museum Reception Area


They have sample photos on the wall so you can have an idea on what pose you are going to do.













The ticket also includes admission to Ice Museum also located inside Trick Eye.



It was so cold that we just stayed there for 10 minutes.

This ends our Day 1. We decided not to full-packed our Day 1 because we are still tired from our flight and we weren’t able to fully sleep on the airport. We went home at around 8pm and slept early to get ready for our Day 2. 🙂




Hi everyone! I’ve been busy lately since I processed my tourist visa application for Seoul, South Korea. This is my first ever international travel so I am so worried and excited during my visa application. But lo and behold… I got approved! Woooooohhhhh!! Party party!

As a first timer to this, I was so worried but since I am very much motivated by my desire to go to the land of oppas, I tried and I did not fail. 🙂

I can’t believe it’s just so easy. Here’s what I did.

Check online the requirements that I need to prepare for Visa Application. 

1. Application Form
2. 1 piece of Passport size colored picture (Please attach on the application form)
3. Original Passport (should be valid for more than 6 months)
4. Photocopy of Passport Bio-page (page 2)
5. Original Certificate of Employment
   (must include applicant’s position, date hired, compensation, office address, HR landline number(cell-phone number is not allowed), HR e-mail address)
6. Original Personal Bank Certificate 
   (must include account type, current balance, account opening date, ADB)
7. Bank Statement 
   (original or certified true copy of bank statements/passbook for the last 3 months)
8. ITR (Income Tax Return) or Form 2316 Copy 

Make sure that you have completed all these requirements before going to the embassy.

Go to Korean Embassy with your requirements.

Address: McKinley Town Center, 122 Upper McKinley Rd, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, 1634 Metro Manila

The application schedule for Korean visas is only from 8:30 AM until 11:00 AM every Monday to Friday. Come on time. They are strict in time schedule.

Double check all your requirements and make sure it’s all complete. Food and beverages are not allowed inside the Embassy so make sure that you don’t have any food in your bag because it will be confiscated.

When you arrive inside the embassy, expect a line outside the entrance door since they can only accommodate limited numbers of applicants inside. Don’t worry since the line is fast-moving. You will be inside in no time. 🙂

Inside, you will be lining up for the guards who will be checking your requirements. They will check if you bring a complete requirements before they give you a queue number. 

Once you got a queue number, you may sit on the bench and wait for your number to be called and reflected on their monitor. 


My number took around 40 minutes to be called. I think it could have only be around 20-30 minutes of waiting but we were assigned to Window 1 where there are lots of travel & tours agency processing lots of visas so it took us longer before our turn.

After submission, the korean staff on the window checked the documents. She gave me a piece of paper with stamped date of when I can claim my passport. It will be after 5 days since I am a first timer. If you’ve been a constant traveler to OECD member countries , you can get your passport after 3 days.

Processing Time: 
  3 working days (for those who have been to OECD member countries within 5 years as tourist)
  5 working days (for those who have not been to OECD member countries within 5 years)

It’s as easy as that! Lol. 

After 5 days, I went back nervous with a sweaty hands. The time schedule of claiming passport is from 1pm to 4pm every weekdays. BTW, I applied with my sister. We came back together to claim our passport. I am so worried because we were almost late that we came rushing. Fortunately, we arrived at around 3:30pm. There are only few people inside the embassy. Same process, we were given a queue number and were asked to write our names on a piece of paper and sat for a while.


After 15 minutes, our number was called. My sister and I came together to the window even though it can only be claimed by 1 person since we only have 1 transaction. We shared seat on a chair in front of the window. Lol.  That’s how excited she is too. We kept repeating the words “This is it!”.. Haha. 

When our passports were handed over to me, I pretended to be cool and walked away from the window going to the bench in the waiting area to sit first before opening it. My sister just followed me and remain calm too. When we opened it. . . .


Finally! we were soooo happy that we wanted to scream but it was too scandalous so we screamed internally. Hahaha. My sister even told me that it was her happiest moment and that she can’t believe it. Remembering the days when we were just day dreaming of visiting Korea but now that dream will soon become a reality and will be one of our most treasured memories for sure. 🙂

We were granted with 59 days stay to Korea. But we will be staying for only 1 week since we were both employed. But still, we are planning to make our stay in Korea worthwhile.^^


I’m crying.. The Wings Tour 2017 Manila, PH– SOLD OUT!

I discovered Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS) last year, around June.. They were introduced to me by my sister. That time my favorite group was Bigbang and I am so inlove with GD (well, until now :D) I wasn’t really taking them (BTS) seriously. Like I just watched their Music Bank, SC and Inkigayo performances and I think they’re good. Then I started watching their Bangtan Bomb. As I can remember, I watched their bomb wherein they were playing hide and seek in their hotel room and during that time, I was unaware that I already fell in the trap. Lol. I fall for them. I got so addicted watching their bombs and I just find myself smiling, laughing and having butterflies, aaahhhh!! I am already inlove with them! >_< I first fell for Jungkook but as time goes by, Suga stole my heart. Hahahaha. I felt weird coz at my age, I still feel  romantically excited watching them. Can somebody help me?! LOL.

Well, this year. I was so excited for April 2. The date when the tickets for The Wings Tour will be open for selling. I prepared my money and decided to avail tickets online for me and my sister. The selling will start at 10am. I was so ready around 8am and I already opened the laptop and prepared myself. When it’s only 2 minutes before 10am, I was so nervous. My hands are literally shaking and sweating. Lol. I don’t know but I felt so nervous. Then 10am came, I started browsing for the tickets, but to my surprise, the site suddenly went down. I can’t access it. I was so pressured. I was so mad to the world. I felt like my life depends on it. I NEED THE TICKETSSSS!!!! almost 1 hour passed but still I can’t get a good access, the site kept on failing. That’s the time that I decided to get up, take a bath and go to the nearest mall wherein I can get tickets through a cashier. I arrived at the mall around 12:15pm and to my dismay, I was the last person on the line. I felt like crying. T_T My sister went to church with my family so she can’t go with me during that time. I informed her about what happened then after the church service, she immediately went to the mall and join me to fall in line. She was upset too. She even blamed me why I wasn’t able to get tickets online? I said I don’t know but the site pissed me off so much that I won’t forgive them if I won’t be able to get tickets. Gggrrrr!! We were given a queue number, we were 289. That time, the number that they cater is still on number 45. ;(

As time goes by, we are getting pressured. Disappointments added when the cashier announced which category was already sold out. Until 3pm came and they announced that our target seat (Upper Box) was also sold out. We were so disappointed. I am so upset. I felt like crying. We only got money for that particular seat. All that’s left are the VIP seats which would require us additional 3,000 pesos.

Finally accepting the harsh reality, my sister and I decided to just go home. We were so down and can’t believe we missed the tour. We were so ready to see BTS live this May but we failed to get tickets. WAAAAHHHHHH!!! *Tears and runny nose*

This is by far the greatest disappointment in my life. That night, we were reading updates on twitter and then the organizer of the Wings Tour concert posted a tweet that since a lot of ARMYs failed to avail tickets, there will be another batch of ticket selling after Holy Week (April 13-16). We kinda felt hopeful but at the same time sad because we cannot take another heart ache again. We promised to ourselves that we will fall in line for the tickets the night before the actual ticket selling date so that we could ensure that we will be able to get the tickets that we want.

Crossing our fingers for this day. Hope we succeed this time. Fighting!!!!

No more embarrassing female mustache! SURGI Invisi-bleach Review

So I got curious about this mustache bleach thingy for women. One day while I am watching a make up tutorial, the girl included the bleaching of her mustache in her routine before applying make up. I was really interested to try it since I really have a very visible mustache which I find embarrassing. 😦 Yes, I am a hairy Asian girl. Lol. I am really thinking of getting rid of it through waxing but one part of me is quite hesitant to do it since it would require maintenance once you started doing it. I am only good on the first few weeks but knowing myself, I would definitely grow tired of waxing and waxing forever just not to look like El Mustachio. I can’t even maintain waxing my lower leg. Huhuhu. Yass, I am lazy. :/ The hair would definitely grow back and they will grow back stronger and thicker. Hahaha. That’s gonna be my worst nightmare if ever. Yikes! So I dumped the thought and instead tried the bleaching method which I think is very convenient and cost efficient and definitely for the lazy ones. Woooo! ;D

I checked online on the available brands locally. So I stumbled upon this “Surgi Invisi-bleach” which can be used to face and arm hair. So yeah, I ordered it immediately since it has good feedback too. I ordered it at Lazada Online Shop and it was delivered after a week. I tried it right away. 😀


Well, it looks legit. It comes with a mixing plastic tray, a spatula and 2 tubes. Tube # 1 is the Bleaching Cream while Tube # 2 is the Cream Activator. It also has an instruction manual which is in English and I think the other language is Latin? I’m not sure. Instruction is easy to understand. You would just basically mix the bleaching cream and cream activator in 2:1 ratio.


This is how it looks like during application. You will wait for 10 minutes before rinsing it with water.

After 3 minutes, you would start to feel a little bit tingly so you have to suppress the need to scratch it. >_<

After 10 minutes, I rinsed it and immediately check if the hair is totally invisible. I was impressed but I kinda see some black hair still. So i redid the sides for 5 minutes. (Don’t worry it’s also included in the instruction that if you still see some unbleached hair, you can redo it for 5 minutes).

Sooooo, this is my surprising transformation…


I was so impressed! I can’t stop staring at myself in the mirror. Hahahaha! Goodbye embarrassing mustache, hello confident smile. 😀 I even asked my sister to try this product and she is so happy as well with the result.

This product changed my life. Lol. I am so thankful that I tried it. It’s worth it. (heart)


L’OREAL Infallible Pro Matte Review

I have a very oily skin condition and everyday i suffer from oily face and caked, smudged foundation on my face. I am currently using Naturactor Concealer Foundation and In2It compact foundation and yet I still have oily face after only 2 hours passed. Since Philippines is a tropical country, having an oily face and this hot and humid weather is a very bad combination. 😦 Plus the fact that my face oxidizes whenever becomes oily, is really depressing. My face becomes darker than my actual skin tone. That’s why I got used to buying foundation that is 1 or 2 times lighter than my actual skin color.

Upon searching and searching, I got curious about L’oreal Infallible Pro Matte and decided to give it a try. It has a lot of good reviews and they are really recommending it to oily skin type (which is me! :D). I searched for the swatches online and decide on which shade I’m gonna buy. I am looking for a lighter shade than my actual skin tone, my actual skin tone is 104 (Golden Beige) so I would like to choose a lighter one. But as I look on shades 103 and 102, they both have a pink undertone? Which is not suitable for me. I prefer a yellow undertone. And 101 is too light for my skin. So I choose 104 which is exactly the same color as my skin tone. I just hope this works as what it promises and at least reduced my oiliness and prevent my face from oxidizing.

I ordered my L’Oreal Pro Matte online together with a setting powder through Shopee.

My orders arrived, Yey!

I immediately use it the next day. Here’s my before and after photos.

Left: Before using                                                       Right: After using

As you can see, it did not cover much of my blemishes around my nose. But I must say it’s good considering it doesn’t feel heavy on my skin and it only promises medium coverage. And my face looked a bit poreless and most of my visible blemishes were blurred out. It has a powdery finish which I like. You have to be very fast in blending it to your face since it dries out real quick.

This is how it looks with Coty Airspun Loose Powder.

With Coty Airspun Loose Powder

And this is how it looks indoor.

Loreal Pro Matte + Coty Airspun (indoor shot)

After 5 hours, my face still looks fresh except for a bit of shine on my T-zone area. This never happened to me before. My foundation only last for at least 2 hours then the oil from my face would appear. But with Pro Matte, it’s still good. No excessive oiliness observed. It really controlled my oiliness. I love it! 😀

So as my conclusion, I highly recommend this product especially to those who have an oily skin type. This might be your life saver! 😉

What to wear during Autumn Season in Korea?

Annyeong everyone! If you have read my previous blog (click here for my previous blog), you’ll know that I am going to Korea this coming October and that’s during Autumn. What immediately goes to my mind are the clothes that I’m going to wear for that season. I grew up in a tropical country where there’s only 1 season and that’s Summer. So obviously I don’t have any clothes meant for Autumn. We also experience cold weather here in the Philippines and that’s when there’s a typhoon. But most of the year, it’s really hot. I only have simple jackets, cardigans, and blazers for the cold weather. But what I am after is something fashionable. Lol. I think cold weather here in PH is different than the chilly weather in Korea during autumn season. So I need to prepare for that.

I searched for the usual attire that people wear during autumn and that’s where I got my inspiration on what to wear when I visit Korea. All of the clothes are not mine and only googled up. I only combined it to create a look that I prefer to wear for Autumn.

Here’s what I’ve come up with.

1I made this look and called this “Hongdae Outfit”. 😀 I want to wear this outfit in Hongdae since I feel like it fits the Hongdae vibe which was described as artistic and youthful. And there’s also a lot of street and underground performances happening in the area so I feel like this rock chic look would match the Hongdae feels and also protect me from the chilly weather. 🙂 

I’m just thinking if this is okay or this is a bit stuffy considering it is just autumn and not winter? Haha. Is this outfit too warm? Am I overreacting about the weather? Lol.

Please let me know!! -_-


Okay so next is this:

2My “Nami Outfit”.

I just saw this outfit while searching the net and I just included a beret and a bag. I love the complete look of the girl in the picture, but i prefer to use a beret than the hat the girl is wearing. If you notice, beret is really a trend in Korea nowadays especially during cold months. 😉

I plan to wear this when we visit Nami Island. Autumn is also dubbed as the “Trench Coat Season”, so this look should definitely be on my list. I also want to try wearing trench coat since it is kind of impossible to wear a trench coat here in the Philippines. Well, you could wear one but people would give you a weird look because who in their sound mind would wear trench coat on a hot weather? Lol.

Here’s another look that I love. It’s kinda girly but it’s a cute combination. 🙂

3I plan to wear this during our visit to Palaces. Since I love daisies, I searched for a daisy-printed dress and a cute orange/rusty colored cardigan. The knee high socks and boots also made the look complete plus the bag. 🙂

This looks so cute but I hope I don’t get cold since some part of my legs will be exposed. (Please consider that I came from a tropical country and I am not used to chilly weather) :p



This one is a rugged look. I plan to wear this when we go shopping at Myeongdong and also when we visit N Seoul Tower.



I love this because I already have all these outfits available in my closet. Plus it looks warm and comfortable. This is what I most likely to wear everyday, even here in the Philippines except that I must remove the denim jacket from time to time to keep me away from sweating hardcore. 😀






We also plan to visit Gangnam. And I’d like to wear this when roaming around the streets of Gangnam.
But I plan to change the color. I like to wear a pink cap and maybe I can change the color of the parka to navy blue?

Here’s how it would look like based on my imagination 🙂black-arrow-curved-yf3s26-clipartporma

Lastly, to complete my 6-day-tour look at Korea, I included this look. A denim jumper! But instead of jb-at-koreawearing the kind of sweater the girl is wearing in the picture, I prefer to wear a thicker sweater. Because in the picture, it looks like she’s wearing a see-through knitted sweater? Lol. But the loose sweater looks cool, isn’t it?

I really love Korean Fashion. It’s really cool and unique. I am so excited to wear these outfits on October!

I believe these outfits are available at Divisoria. 🙂

Divisoria is a famous place in the Philippines where you can buy cheap but quality items. Especially when you buy in bulk. You can get it for a cheaper price! Most of the items came from overseas like China, Korea, Bangkok, etc. I think it is comparable to DongdaemunShopping Market of Korea.

I hope these outfits can make me warm and comfortable in my stay in Korea this coming Autumn Season.

Do you have any comments or suggestions? Just let me know.

Annyeong! 🙂






I am going to Korea!!!

So me and my sister decided to visit Korea this year during Autumn Season. (For the Love of Korea..Lol) We plan to go this coming October. We are so excited! I started to search for Korean Tour packages available online so I can check if we can use them as a guide for our itinerary. We plan to backpack Korea. I feel like we can survive even without a tour guide. Haha! Since we are starting to learn basic Hangul, we are more confident that we can do it on our own (Fighting!) So based on our plan, we will stay at a guesthouse in Hongdae. Me and my sister prefer to stay in Hongdae because based on research, it is a lively and artistic place full of young people (like us..hehe) and also the area is a strategic place since it is near subway station and there’s a lot of restaurants and cool places where we can hang out. Plus the fact that my baby Jungkook (BTS) was seen roaming around Hongdae and have been spotted watching street performances made us decide that we want to stay at Hongdae. Lol! Who knows, we might see Jungkook again strolling on the streets of Hongdae.

Jungkook spotted roaming around the streets of Hongdae
#HongdaeGoals. Lol. I really wanted to take a picture with Jungkook with this pose (his head close to mine) :p

Okay, back to the topic. 😀  We are starting to save money for our travel. Our estimated cost of expenses for this travel is around 40,000-50,000 pesos or USD 800-1,000 .This already includes our expenses for transportation, miscellaneous (for admission fees for our tour), shopping allowance, pocket money, etc. It’s a huge amount of money since we really wanted to shop til we drop when we get there and to indulge in Korean food like there’s no tomorrow. Lol. It’s a lot of saving to do. But we are so positive about this since we really wanted this soooo bad!

This coming August, we are going to process our visa application. Since tourist visa is only good for 3 months, we planned to apply on August for our October travel. Hope we will get approved. 🙂 I also made our itinerary for the whole week of travel. According to plan, we will depart on October 16 and we will stay there until October 21. So it’s almost a week in Korea. Yey! I also hope that the weather will be good when we get there and we can already witness the autumn foliage.(heart)

Oppa, wait for us!!! 😀

FXXK IT! BIGBANG’S new songs are so lit!

Anyeonghaseyo Yeorobun! Have you heard of Bigbang’s new songs? If not, please check it out now! You will not be disappointed, I’m pretty sure. 🙂

Here’s the link :

Bigbang- Fxxk It

Bigbang- Last Dance

They released their new album, Made The Full Album which includes the now hit songs “Last Dance” and “Fxxk it”. I so love both songs. The Last Dance has a sad vibe which makes you wanna be emo while the Fxxt It has a lively beat that makes you wanna party with Bigbang. 🙂 I heard it’s also their last album before enlisting to military. I hope they will not get disbanded like what happened to 2NE1.

Bigbang has been in the Kpop Industry since 2006 and now they are already considered as one of the top artists in Korea. They are not only famous in their homeland but also globally alongside with Psy.

Even my bias group BTS idolizes their Bigbang Sunbaenim. 🙂

Jungkook, Jimin and Jhope of BTS watching Bigbang’s Concert in Seoul, Korea

That’s one proof that BB is already a living legend. Have you listened to their new album already? Did you like it? Let me know what you think. 😉